Monday, April 27, 2009


So, as the weather is continually beautiful (in the 80's in April!), and Noah continues to use the potty, he knows that he can go outside & sit on the tractor. I have been telling Jeff how Noah ALWAYS gets SO dirty every night. Tonight Noah says with a giggle, "I go outside to get dirrrrrr-teee!" It was getting near bedtime-routine time & Jeff knocked on the back door & told me to come here. I took a look, started laughing, went back in & got the camera.
Yep - dirty indeed... nice 'stach, Noah!

I asked Noah what he was doing and he said, "I check something out on tractor." Not quite sure WHAT he thought he needed to check out, but I think he found it!

I'll Give You A Ride IF...

Monday, April 20th, Noah pooped on our new potty for the 1st time. Now, I won't say I'm ANY expert at potty training, but from what I've read/heard - typically kids don't poop on the potty first (vs. being #1 trained). Well, our son does. AND, he hasn't pooped in his diapers since :) Yep - I almost documented those lil'logs, but I didn't - instead - you get what we bribe him with: Tractor rides. At any given time you can look out the back window & see Noah just sitting or "checking out" the tractor. He knows that if he poops in the potty during the day that he gets a ride (and ice cream, to boot! - Hey, whatever works, he's well on his way to being 100% trained)"I try to figure out why tractor broke." (The tractor isn't broken, Noah just thinks he needs to putter about & look it all over!)"I drive tractor, Mama - see me!" I don't know what Noah is more excited about - poopin' on the potty or riding the tractor...I almost believe it's the later.

9 Months

April 15th - Norah turned 9 months. She sure is a lil' spit fire: crawling faster than lightening, wanting table food - you name it, she wants to do it! We turn around & she's drinking out of Noah's cup & grabbing his snacks. She keeps us on our toes! This picture of her cracks us up: "Who me, I'm innocent!"

The Next American Idol

It didn't take long for Norah to discover Noah's piano --La, la la la...It's so funny to hear Norah "sing" "Can you hear me? LA LA LA, lala la!"

Strong National Museum of Play

Friday, April 17th, we were all healthy - and made it to Rochester to the Museum of Play. We originally were going to do this with Noah over Christmas break, but then discovered he was extremely sick. What fun we had!Soon after you enter, there were beautiful aquariums that quickly caught Noah's attention.Yay, music stuff!Noah enjoyed grocery shopping in the "Kids Wegmans."We also did the Butterfly Conservatory - Noah enjoyed that, too - Jeff & I thought it was WAY too hot, although the butterflies were beautiful.
Noah's first time on a carousel - what a blast!

Noah was exhausted when we left to head back towards Buffalo, to Jeff's parent's house. We treated Noah to Ted's for dinner - what a fun day with our little man.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Say, "Easter Egg!"

Getting the perfect Easter picture was nearly impossible. Noah was much more interested in our vacuum attachment. So, he gave up the attachment, but wasn't too happy about it. Take #10... Take number...I lost count, 25?There, this might work. Take #30 or so.Noah finally agreed to "sorta pose" before heading to church.

Norah dressed for Church

Norah was dressed for church, but when left to her own - she wasn't done inspecting the eggs:

Norah's Delight

Norah enjoyed her bird's eye view of the egg hunt, initially...Until she got down & realized she could suck on a rainbow of eggs....

Let the Hunt Begin

Saturday, the 11th, we took Noah to his first Community Easter Egg Hunt. He was pretty excited - too bad we didn't get more pictures.Easter morning, however, the camera was ready & Noah woke up, looked down the stairway & said, "Whoa - I found one!" It was priceless.Eggs, eggs everywhere.Intermission: "I do bug eyes, Mama!"And...Daddy does bug eyes, too.It was so fun watching Noah gather all the eggs that were scattered about the house.We had placed nickles, dimes, and quarters in the eggs so he could fill his monkey bank.Proud of his collection.