Monday, September 21, 2009

Brother & Sister Moments

As it goes, Noah got done splashing, I went back into the 3-season room & Noah continued running.Before I walked back up to the house - Norah was exploring on her own, as she loves to do.Jeff & I were talking & we look up & see this: It was so precious. Noah had taken Norah's hand & was taking her for a walk around the backyard. Then we see them walk by the door -And walk back again. "Wow, the kids are getting along so well - how sweet."Next thing we know, we see this: The funniest thing is, Noah frequently 1) calls Norah "baby" and 2) He gets loud when she doesn't seem to listen to him and 3) he's pretty adamant about what she should be doing.
He was yelling, "Baby. BABY, hold my hand! Get back here, baby, HOLD.MY.HAND. Baby, hold on my hand!" He was leaning forward yelling this - and she has the disgusted look on her face-- it cracks me up.
He finally gave up --and off Norah goes, to the beat of her own drum.

A Boy, His Frog Boots, & Some Water

Back in August, we had lots & lots of rain. I had given up on thinking I should keep the kids out of the rain & learned how much FUN it is to just let them go at it. Noah went...
I couldn't help but grin as Noah, naturally, goes to the little bridge, takes off his boot, and puts his foot in.Stompin' through our stream.And he's off running again...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Noah's Big Boy Bike

This summer while at Jeff's brother & sister-in-law's - we noticed that Noah hopped on his cousin, Dylan's, bike. We didn't realize that Noah would enjoy riding a "big bike" but after that, we were on the hunt. In fact, coming home from their house ( a 2-hr ride) we hit the jack-pot. I found his bike at a yard sale & got it for $8. Noah was THRILLED."Look at me!" (And in true Noah-fashion - he rides with his frog boots on, silly boy.)Proud owner of a "Big Boy Bike." Of course, we told Noah that we'd have to get him a helmet & he was super anxious for us to just go out & buy one.A week or so later - not ONLY does he have his bike, but NOW his own helmet...with monkeys on it to boot!Noah, being ever so active, decides he's done riding & must mow the lawn...And give his sister a ride on the gator...And, *whew, I need a rest...A few nights later, Jeff & I were taking a walk down on the old runway & Noah wanted to take his bike. He did great...peddle, peddle, peddleKeeping right up with daddy.Of course Lil'Miss was with us too - she has bike-envy. She'll be riding sooner than we think, I'm sure.She is such a good sport about stuff -she really enjoys watching Noah have fun.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Blueberry Pickin' - August 23rd

Wow, where did the summer go? Back in August we went blueberry-ing with my parents.Noah, who adores Ra-ra & Papa was thrilled...The pickin' was rather sparse this year - due to all the rain.Norah had blueberries for the first time and LOVED them.Noah kept telling Papa that he'd "help" carry the bucket...he really was just snitching berries out...Papa picking - Noah eating.I LOVE this picture. So true to Noah's form --eating a blueberry, singing a song, and stompin' around in his favorite boots.Norah, keeping an eye on her brother while chowing down (nice blueberry on your sleeve, Lil'Miss)Noah drinking water from Papa's thermos...
And his other best friend, Ra-ra. What a fun morning - combined we got 9 lbs of berries. Mmm.