Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Vacation 2011: Presque Isle

Saturday, July 23rd, we left for family vacation... we rented Lake City Cottage this summer for our beach vacation! We also had my best friend, Becky & her husband, Travis, and daughter, Zion come with us this year!The kiddos playing on 1 of the trees in the yard. I believe we had 13 acres to explore!First night down on the beach... kids were SO thrilled that we came back to Presque Isle, after our wonderful vacation there last year.Norah loved running to the water, then back to play in the sand!It's fun to see their excitement each year...Both Noah & Norah have become quite the little swimmers this summer... we'd swim every morning, then typically go back to the beach house after we ate our picnic lunch on the beach, then head back in the evening for more beach-fun!Noah, swimming his little heart out! He has always loved the water!My surfer-dude!
I'd find it entertaining to watch what Norah would do everyday. Always something different... this day, she enjoyed just pouring sand on herself.Sunsets are always beautiful (interesting fact: National Geographic currently lists Presque Isle as the #2 most beautiful sunsets in the world!)On Monday night, July 25th, the 7 of us rented a surrey for an hour! We peddled 6-miles & completed the entire loop! 1/2 way there... posing for a photo :)One night we went down to a pier ...a place last year Noah loved because of the big machines there...This is one of my favorite pictures. Noah was shocked at how large the tires were... this is SO classic Noah - his love for all things trucks, tractors, wheels - you name it.Noah & Norah at the lighthouse.We ended that evening with some yummy ice cream at Sara'smmmmmmmmmmAnd after ice cream - some kite flying down on the beach while we watched the sunset.It's so enjoyable to me to see my family together, enjoying our vacation, & enjoying each other's company...Here we are:Wednesday, the 27th...and still not tired of the beach! Yay for another day! (Tuesday was spent at Waldameer Park, the water park in the morning & the amusement park at night...but, I didn't take my camera with me that day)Jeff & Travis helped the kids make sandcastles!If you look closely, you can see Noah flying his Buzz Lightyear kite.And Norah- flying her Princess Ariel kite.Jeff & I were able to have some alone time while Becky & Travis watched our kiddos Wednesday night. We decided to do the Sunset Cruise on good ol' Lady Kate.And..the next morning - down at the beach again!Noah drew a circle...and had fun simply standing in it.Another one of my favorite pics... Noah found a flat rock, stuck in behind his glasses & waited for us to notice. He told us he was a pirate. I LOVE Noah's sense of humor - he's become quite the funny little guy.And another sunset...Norah's pure inhibition.And another sunset.I love these 2 so much - I'm so thankful that I have vacation time to take & that I can spend such fun times with my family. We have such fun memories!Our last trek over the bluffs down to the beach...Becky & Travis built this before we came down to the beach that night. The kids had a blast playing in their little "fort"Another one of Noah's favorite things to do: play with his trucks in the sand.My pretty lil' beach bumpkinOne last group shot...Best of buds: Noah & Norah Good-bye Presque Isle, we'll see you again next year!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Norah's 3! July 15, 2011

Norah turned 3 on Friday, July 15th. As I've mentioned before - with the kiddos birthdays in the same week, we have one big birthday-week-long-celebration. One of Norah's favorite things to do is splash in the backyard pool.We're very fortunate for good friends - who have kids the same age as ours! We had a party/bonfire and Norah enjoyed playing with 'Kenna... and of course Thomas, Noah's friend!Norah got Tinkerbell (a new found favorite!) from Jeff & I, and Silvermist, from Noah.We went to the Balloon Rally launch on Norah's birthday - she really enjoyed watching the balloons go up this year!Saturday, the 16th, we had the kids' combined birthday party with all the family! Rara J. made Norah an adorable birthday dress (pink, of course!)Norah loves ALL things sweet, and enjoyed every last morsel of her cake. Excited to finally open presents...A ballerina puzzle from Uncle AJ & Aunt Sherry!showing off one of her several ballet moves...Rara & Papa J got Norah talking-twin-dolls... Our Lil'Miss - ALWAYS dressed up in some costume. This happens to be 1st thing in the morning, while eating some Honeycomb cereal (or "Bee Cereal" as she likes to call it)Best buds - she ADORES Noah 99% of the time. The "Wow, I'm 3!" picture I took of Norah.

Norah, you are so spunky & full of life. I love your curly hair & bright blue eyes. Your favorite things: making people laugh, playing with your brother, dressing up in all your different costumes, always wanting to look like a "ballerina-princess" - wearing pink, driving the Gator or Hummer around the backyard, swimming... I could go on & on. I love that you & Noah are best friends...& as much as he looks after you, you also take care of him. I hope you're always partners in crime. You have become quite the good lil' swimmer this summer, and loved playing at the beach in Presque Isle. Your spunkiness is contagious - it's a joy to be around you! Mommy is even beginning to like pink a bit - but not as much as you! You love to pick out your own "fashions" and always want to having something pink on or something you deem lovely. You are also a good little eater, just like Noah. Your favorites are strawberries, peaches, Mac n' cheese, hard salami sandwhiches, hotdogs... although, you really do eat & try anything. You're adventurous. You love to pray & go to Children's church with Noah. You are mommy's little helper in the kitchen & also have a VERY tomboy side of you - helping daddy in the gardens or playing in the dirt...WITH a dress on, of course. I love your heart, Norah - I pray that you'll continue to discover all that God has created you to be and that you love Him with every ounce of your being. You will always be my Lil' Miss. Love you, Stinker-bean!