Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last Day Riding the Bus Home

Noah occasionally had to ride the bus home from Pre-K, where my mom & Norah would wait for him. He'd sometimes go weeks without riding and Miss Cindy (the driver) & Miss Carol (the bus-aide...whom also goes to our church) would ASK for him to ride the bus, because they would miss him. Monday, June 20th, the last day of school before graduation, we allowed him to ride the bus home. I had come home early from work to get his picture & watch him. Whether I pick Noah up from school OR come watch him get off the bus, I always get excited. I adore Noah - and love that I get SO excited every time I see him... are all mothers like this with their children? Here comes the bus!!My mom & Norah ready for Noah... if you look closely, Miss Carol was explaining how all the kids got "Free Ice Cream" Coupons from McDonalds from her & Miss Cindy. That made Noah's day!Bye, Miss Cindy. What sweet drivers on Bus 128. Back in September when Noah started Pre-K, we were a bit nervous that he'd sometimes be riding the Pre-K bus home, but God heard our worries - and a sweet lady from our church, Miss Carol, was the Pre-K bus-aide. Again, God sure is in all the details!Home for the day (around 12:15pm); ready for lunch. The following day, was Noah's' graduation. He also was desperately in need of a haircut, but ...still is adorable!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Noah's Pre-K Graduation

Tuesday, June 21st, Noah & 12 other classmates graduated from Pre-K. It was a fun little ceremony, where they all sang songs, got a diploma, and told us what they wanted to be when they grew up. Noah said, "I want to be a construction worker."After the ceremony - Noah was SO happy all day!The proud grad with Norah ...Noah's Pre-K teacher, Mrs. Pease. She is amazing - we all love her!And the classroom assistant, Mrs. Brown - also amazing. We are so thankful for such wonderful teachers for Noah!Ra-ra & Papa also came to graduation to help celebrate!
For a proud parent-moment: Noah got an amazing report card... we are so proud of you, Noah! We are excited at all you can do & will do - you amaze us everyday!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had some beautiful weather Memorial Day Weekend. Noah & Norah loved having the pool to cool off in!Being a typical Big Brother & pouring water over Norah's head...but she loved it! The water had gotten so warm, we got the sprinkler out & turned it on...THAT was cold! Lots of time to run around with the big-sprinkler-ball!LOVE Noah's face!Time to walk up on the hill & pick flowers.Discovering snails with Aunt Sherry's help.Noah, our climber sitting on the bars...Hula-hooping with the jart-targets.(jarts aren't like the "REAL" jarts we use to play with as kids...now they're light-weight... and in my humble opinion, not as much fun!)More sprinkler time!Relaxin'Bests buds enjoying time together!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Going to the Zoo, zoo, zoo...

Monday, June 6th, Noah's Pre-K class took a field trip to Rochester's Seneca Park Zoo. I was able to ride the bus up with Noah, and Jeff & Norah rode up in the Jeep to meet us there - allowing us to all ride home together (AND being able to hit up a few stores: Target, and Wegmans on the way home!) Noah said his favorite animal was the rhino! (albeit, he was very disappointed that this zoo had no elephants! no giraffes! no pandas! ... I believe the elephant would have been his favorite) I was disappointed, too, but at least they are currently building a place to house elephants.Norah liked this bird... because... it's pink, of course.We had a staring contest with an emu...Noah was a lion...Norah was a lion...The other favorite of the day was the sea lions.It was pretty neat that you can watch them from "up top" or go inside the building & watch them from inside...I cracked up at all the "old" backdrops & such they had around... made for some funny pics. The kids enjoyed being penguins. The kids had fun - perfect for about 2-hours worth. Someday, we'll take the kids to a BIG zoo, that has all the animals. Kinda funny that Noah said one of his favorite parts of the day was that we took the kids out to eat at Applebees for the first time... it must be in the blood that we just aren't a "zoo-type" family.

Noah's "Not My Birthday Yet" Celebration

This past week Noah's Pre-K class celebrated summer birthdays. He initially was quite confused as to why he had to celebrate on a day that wasn't HIS birthday... he eventually was simply happy that 1) mommy was coming to school that day and 2) bringing homemade cookies (peanut butter NoBakes!) 3) his friends all got to sing to him!
One more month, buddy, and you'll be 5... where has the time gone?!


Last night the kiddos were awakened by An Evening Under the Stars' fireworks. We could see the fireworks from Norah's bedroom window... but after that got old, we decided... let's go catch fireflies. The was the kiddos first time - and they LOVED it. I hadn't taken the camera out to the back hill with me, but tried to capture some once we got back to the house... under the garage light. Nothing beats being able to get out of bed once already been put to bed AND then capturing fireflies. Norah slept with her fireflies; Noah kept his on his nightstand. A very happy Noah, with 7 fireflies!

a blurry pic... but lots of fun!