Monday, February 08, 2010

Curious George Live - January 16, 2010

When Jeff & I learned that Curious George Live was coming to Shea's in Buffalo, we KNEW we had to take Noah. Noah has never been to the theater before, so not only was he excited, but Jeff & I were, too. It was a cold, blustery day, & we had a little walk to get to Shea's. Noah kept asking us, "Where's George?"Curious George Live - it really was a fantastic musical production! We had excellent seats: Row D, so that Noah could see things really well.Not certain why he's smiling like this - but here he is - waiting for it to start:Chef Pisghetti was teaching George how to make meatballs, so George could compete in the "Golden Meatball Contest." Jeff & I were both impressed with how well the show was true to the PBS cartoon.The "bad guy" who was mass-producing square-meatballs.Intermission. Noah kept asking to go back out to the lobby --we had spent some time out there prior to the show starting. I understand his awe, Shea's is absolutely beautiful. During the Golden Meatball Contest -And Curious George WON! (sorry if any of you blog-readers are going to see this & I just ruined the ending!) The Man with the Yellow Hat was so proud of George!And confetti went FLYING.Noah LOVED it. He sat still the entire hour & a half.Leaving Shea's...Noah was also excited that we got to see the subway-train going through downtown Buffalo. Off we went to Noah's first "real" restaurant (aside from Ted's or McDonald's) - we ate at Friendly's. Again, the fun continued as he was tickled to order a vanilla milkshake with a grilled cheese sandwich & fries for lunch. Then, we took Noah back to Jeff's parents to meet up with Norah...and Noah was fast asleep. What an awesome outing! When Noah woke up from his nap, he told Ra-ra & Papa J. all about George!

Sunday, February 07, 2010


Norah turned one & 1/2 on January 15th. I'm often asked to describe Norah to people & I quickly say, "Spunky!" I love Lil'Miss to pieces, but - watch out world - she can be a brute! There is no real way to "compare" Noah & Norah...boys & girls are simply different from one another. Norah's day to day activity include keeping up with her brother & instigating things. It's quite humorous, most of the time. She's so happy, almost 99% of the time:Norah isn't happy unless she is doing something to make everyone around her laugh.One thing that is really fun is Norah's sense of style. She is often seen wearing hats, dress-up clothes, and already just LOVES shoes & jewelry. She's quite the diva.She's also a cuddler...and her favorite thing is her bunny. We were smart, and have 2 identical bunnies so we can throw them in the washing machine from time to time. "What's with the camera, Mommy?"She found my lens cap.Hat #2, and a mouthful of teeth. With those chompers - she's certainly my fruit girl. I'm not certain what her favorite would be, but loves: grapes, apples, bananas, peaches, cantaloupe, watermelon, name it, she really eats almost anything. Except eggs. The stinker...when it comes to eggs, she'll hand them back over to me - even french toast is a no-go with her. Norah got Mrs. Potato Head for Christmas from Ra-ra & Papa W. and LOVES it. She'll play with that for extended periods of time when in the toy room. She also loves her purse, her tea set, and all her Melissa & Doug toy food, and her "babies."Her other favorite thing, right up there to her bunny, is this silly fridge radio. She's ALWAYS dancing & carrying her "boombox" around. It's too cute.Hat #3 and many more faces.She's persistant & KNOWS what she wants. Like I said, "Watch out world!"There, got it.Still jamming to the boombox.Peek!
Ah, Lil'Miss - it's hard to remember what life was like without you. You, too, add so much joy to your lives. Even though Noah still refers to you as "baby" you are quite grown up. Hard to believe you'll sit & do puzzles, or sing, or simply put a big smirk on your face to make us laugh. You're always RUNNING around in your crib, or making it "slide" across the room, OR throwing EVERYTHING out of your crib, saying "Ut o" and making us come up & see what's wrong, then greeted by a, "Hi!" You silly girl. You sure make mommy & daddy very happy. We love you...but please slow down on the growing!