Monday, June 22, 2009


It's always amazing to watch our garden grow.

Typical Eve

After dinner, nearly every night we go outside with the kiddos. Norah was taking her turn with the lawnmower.Until Noah says, "My turn" - his version of "sharing." Basically, he calls "my turn" whenever he wants what he sees Norah found. Off he goes & Norah scoots into the garage to see what else she can get her hands on.Then, Noah runs around, around, and around.And around some more. I have no idea how he has SO much constant energy!Take a breather - for just a few seconds...until he asks if he can take a shower (another favorite activity) and have a snack!

Keepin' Up

Norah, too, has grown to love being outside. These pictures were taken back on June she's just shy of 11 months...and walking like a pro most of the time. She just has to remember to slow down! Wait for me!!

Kite Flying

When we give the Gator a break, Noah also enjoys flying his kite.

Nightly Drive

As now it the custom - Noah drives his Gator every night - often going way up back with Jeff.Noah loads the back up of Gator up with whatever he finds: this evening he found several rocks that he wanted to place around the garden.Happy as a clam.Norah and I often walk up back to meet the boys. Lil'Miss sure is inquisitive - and wants so badly to sit next to her big brother. Noah's telling her, "And this here is the horn!""Like this," Norah says...Ready to head off the hill & back towards the house...
The end.


My mom's cousin (who also happens to work with Jeff) - was selling this Gator that we bought for Noah. He is IN LOVE with this thing. After his shower, he just had to go back outside to ride it one more time (notice the pajamas). Here he is putting the key in...One happy boy!Jeff had to initially help him drive it - but Noah's been doing great! He'd live on the thing if we'd let him.

Norah's Dedication May 17th, 2009

We did Norah's baby dedication back on May 17th - when she was just a few days past her 10-month mark. What a privilege it is to have our daughter dedicated in the church - with both Jeff & my family there to support us, as well as our wonderful church family. Norah did great - no tears at all - just some from both mommy & daddy!We love our Pastor - and are certain Norah will grow up to love him, too. But, more importantly, our prayer for you, Lil'Miss, is that you will grow to love our Lord & to serve Him wholeheartedly.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Look Who's Walking!

April 19th, Norah decided it was time to start walking. Now, I always thought that 10-months was YOUNG to start walking - when others would say "Oh my baby walked at 9 months or 10 months!" But, alas, Norah - at 10 months, is indeed - walking! It took her awhile to get use to the grass, but now she's loving it & there's no stopping her.I love the feel of fresh-mowed grass!


Often while the boys are out tinkering in the yard, Norah & I run the errands. She was having a good time playing with her feet while sitting in her car seat, waiting for me.


Jeff started to string the hose out so he could water the gardens - this always amuses Noah. "Hmm, I might as well take a drink."This picture makes me laugh everytime I look at it:Noah was initially a little disgruntled that he got all wet:Next thing we know: Noah solved the problem & took his wet shorts off. (side note: YAY - Noah's been potty-trained since April 20th and loves wearing big-boy undies!)Nothing stops Noah - he'll take off his wet shorts & hop right back on the tractor.And Lil'Miss, she just plays with her toes & takes it all in...

'09 Gardens

Noah, Jeff's right-hand man, was busy helping get the gardens ready for the plants.Our largest garden, tilled.This year we decided to do a garden specifically for our tomatoes: Romas, Cherry, Beefers, Big Boy, and Jellybean:Planted.

Thomas the Toad, Returns

Noah discovered that our little toad, Thomas, had returned..."HOP, Thomas!" Noah kept shouting!Jeff told Norah that she'd have to kiss a lot of toads before she found her prince. She wanted nothing to do with it!


Loving our gardens!

Ah, New Bathroom How We Love You

Back in April you may remember this: click here. (you'll have to scroll down some)
Our bathroom has since been finished & we are loving it. It just may have been worth this mess:And this:The shower getting framed in:New sinkAnd new fixtures
My chocolate towels that I couldn't wait for:Our gnome snuck into the shower: singing his heart out!
Having a seat in the shower makes it wonderful to shave your legs!
And there, you have it!