Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday, Saturday the 21st, I had to work our annual Daycare Skate. Jeff brought the kids over about 1/2 way through so Noah could try rollerskating for the first time. He was so eager to try, we were so proud of him!Checking out the wheels on his feet...Waiting patiently while daddy laced his skates up.Off they went.Noah loved it, and the loud music blaring.After about 20 minutes, Noah would take off by himself - holding onto the wall when he needed to. Jeff was right behind him!Jeff & Noah skated for an entire hour!Lil'Miss enjoyed watching big brother & daddy skate!All over at noon - I asked Noah if he loved rollerskating & he flashed THIS big smile. He said, "I rollerskate around big circle!" That he did. Now I can't wait for him to go again!

St. Patrick's Day

Noah goes to Story Time at the Library every Tuesday and luckily for him, St. Patrick's Day was Tuesday, the 17th. He made a hat for the parade - I put "O'Joslyn" to add a flair of Irish to him.Mrs. Bulger (the lady in the center, stapling hats) is his library teacher. She's fabulous & all the kids love her... Noah's waiting to get an instrument & line up for the parade around the library.There he is, beating his drum - what beautiful noise it was...He's a good little marcher. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

One of my Favorite Things

I adore spring, not as much as autumn, but it's right up there. I think it's because - it's sap season! I just love, love, love REAL maple syrup. Mom & Dad J. had gotten me a pint of it for Christmas, since I (with the help of my family) already finished off the gallon we got at last year's Maple Fest.
Now my pint is gone...hurry April 4th - Maple Fest, here we come!

8 Months

Not only did Lil'Miss turn 8 months on March 15th, she also began crawling the week of both grandma's birthdays (March 9!). She is mobile now - and getting into everything - it's so much fun! I took this picture, then Jeff moved her walker up to the next higher peg.

New Spring Boots

March 14th we got Noah a new pair of frog boots. He loves them!He was pretty proud of himself that he can pull them up all by himself! After trouncing around the soggy back yard, he just wanted to play in his sandbox.


Back in February, we had gone up to Buffalo to see Noah's eye specialist. As a treat, we ate lunch that day at Ted's Hotdogs...Mmm. Noah got a young chef's hat and wears it proudly. He also likes to say "Cheese" when I get the camera out. Where'd we get this goofball?

Cousin Game Night

The first Sunday of every month Jeff & I host Cousin-Game Night. This month, we were lucky because Laura was home to join us! Yay!The Coats clan, all back together - and up to no good...My brother AJ & sister-in-law, SherryCousin Nick & Liz (and coming soon: baby girl Sherwood)
Cousin Jesse & his girlfriend, Danielle...And - all of us - we're a rowdy bunch.

Bath Time

Norah, who is almost ALWAYS happy, is also more than happy to take a bath.Sportin' the pink bathrobe...Noah wanted his picture taken with "Baby Norah, too!"

Grocery Shoppin'

Jeff's parents bought Noah a shopping cart for Christmas (which I love!) and we now get to play store with Noah. Jeff made signs & set up store on the stairs...Noah likes to buy EVERYTHING when he goes to the store, but will tell us that he needs, "Hot dogs, apples, and bananas." (We really DO feed him more than THAT!) Then, he visits daddy's check out.Digging to see if he brought enough cash."Thank you, bye bye!"And off he rides his truck back to his house where he takes care of his groceries.

Oldies but Goodies

I love these pictures, even if they were taken back on February 21st. It's so fun now that Norah sits up & plays...