Saturday, July 26, 2008

1 Week Old (Tuesday, July 22)

On Tuesday, Norah turned 1-week old & life continued on as normal...
Noah had Swim-Time again... THEN, we took him around back of the Elementary School to play on the playground.Meanwhile, Norah & I hung out... (aka, Norah slept & I took a lot of pictures)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Church as a Family of Four

Norah, at 5-days old, made her first appearance in church yesterday. I took a few shots once we got home...

Noah loves holding his sister, as long as we don't take too long.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Headed Home


bright eyes...

Noah & Norah Meet...

Although it was thrilling to meet our new lil'one - I had dreaded for days leaving Noah. There's something about being away from home - my husband & son that I didn't really want to experience. I was eagerly anticipating Jeff bringing Noah over early Tuesday morning to meet his new sister. I love these pictures...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 15th - Norah Marie's Arrival...

Wow, life changes quickly. I am going to write "the story" down - more so for myself & Norah. If you aren't interested in all the fun details - just look at the pictures.
Monday, July 14th - I went to work as I typically do. I went in early, 6:45am, not knowing if I was going to "save" my extra hours up for later in the week OR just work a typical 8-hour day & be done at 2:45pm. My job is flexible in the summer - so as long as I have 40 hours in during the week - it doesn't matter how I accumulate them.
I felt pretty decent during the day, just really tired - and I was still having quite amount of pressure on my hip-bones/pelvis area, that just made it very uncomfortable to walk. I opted for leaving at 2:45 that afternoon & came home - told Jeff I was tired & I took about an hour nap, since Noah had already been down napping.
The evening was going by as usual - and my cousin Laura happened to stop by around 7pm. I just didn't feel quite right & had told Jeff a little bit earlier that if I felt how I currently did that I wouldn't be going into work in the morning. We all just sat on the back patio & I had mentioned that it was all I could do to walk. Laura later told me that I looked "horrible."
Laura had left & around 8:30pm I told Jeff "Maybe these are Braxton Hicks" - and he said "No, you wouldn't have THOSE this close to your due date!" I started timing my contractions & wrote the first one down: 9:15pm.
I called my parents & told them that I may need them tonight to come watch Noah - so be prepared.
9:28pm. Hmm...this is interesting. With Noah, I started having contractions at 8AM and went into the hospital at 4:30PM - so I thought I had PLENTY of time.
9:40, 9:50, 9:57, which I called my parents told them to get down here & that "HOLY COW THESE HURT!!"
I jumped in the shower - I told Jeff I had to shave my legs!
10:14, 10:22, 10:26, 10:32, 10:37, 10:41, to the hospital at 10:55pm.
(Thankfully, we're an entire 2 miles from the hospital).
Dr. Kaye, my Dr., was already there - she came in to check me - I was at 6 cm already!
I won't share the rest of the lovely details - but there was no time for drugs. I begged & pleaded for an epidural, which they finally agreed to - but there was no time for it to take. Dr. Kaye told me "It's all natural... start pushing!" ...7 minutes & voila! (Yes, I really DO think I deserve a trophy - I'm the girl that thinks a PAPER CUT hurts!!!)
Norah Marie Joslyn
July 15th, 2008
7 lbs 13 oz.
20 inches
She is perfect.
We love her - and stand amazed, again, at God's handy work.
Welcome to our home, most beautiful lil'one...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My view

This was taken about 2 weeks ago - so ...week #37. This is what I see, as I sit in my chair on our back patio. Oh- I long to see my legs & feet again...
As I type this, I'm 6-days away from my due date - we'll see if I "allow" Jeff to take a picture of me THIS pregnant or not...


Jeff bought some "Have-a-Heart" traps to try to catch all the little critters who THINK we want them to eat from our garden.
Noah's been quite fascinated with all the wildlife in the cages.
To the date: 1 rabbit and 8 squirrels...
please tell your friends to stay away or they TOO are going to find a new home!

Noah - keeping an eye on the black squirrel & rabbit...

Garden fresh...

We've had our first picking of green beans from the garden - they are SO good!

Swimming Lessons

Last Tuesday, July 8th, began "Parent & Me" swim time at our local pool. Noah LOVES swimming. Every Tuesday & Thursday he gets to get in the pool with daddy for a 1/2 hour!
On Tuesday, he was also the only one crying when he had to get OUT of the pool... kick kick kick
how fun!
Time to get out!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Where did the last 2 years go? Today is Noah's 2 birthday...

There is no possible way that Jeff & I could love this kid more...what a joy, a blessing, and a true gift he has been.

Happy Birthday, Noah!