Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Great Grandpa Joslyn had heard that Noah loves marshmallows & bought Noah this snack for a treat. Noah asks, "Nnnnnnnack?" when he wants a snack & then as he tasted these for his first time says, "Mmmmmm." These were a hit! We tell Noah that his snack came from Great Grandpa, BUT now whenever he has any snack he says, "Papa?" ...and we respond, "Yes, great Papa." What a sweetie.
Thanks Great Grandpa.


Noah had an MRI done at Buffalo Children's on January 21st. Results came back and everything is PERFECTLY normal!
We are so thankful for the good news - it looks like Noah's nystagmus was "simply" congenital after all - just something he was born with.
This means that no more tests need to be done.

God is so good.

Meanwhile, all of us (minus Noah) have had our bouts with the flu. Hopefully February will bring better health... it's tiring square-dancing about this house with this sickness.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Unwrapping Christmas

Let's unwrap some presents, Mommy...

Noah got tuckered out from all the unwrapping...

Merry Christmas, everyone.


Christmas with a child has got to be one of the best things on earth. Jeff & I don't believe in going crazy with gifts on Christmas - but it was so much fun watching Noah enjoy the tree, stockings and presents.

Once Noah had opened his "George-in-a-box" he wanted nothing else - he LOVES it!


Not many pictures were taken during Thanksgiving - just the turkey prep, my apple pies & my dad playing with Noah - I guess once all the food was set out, we were all too busy eating...

Soccer star


This series of pictures makes me laugh. Noah, being the oldest of this "set" of cousins doesn't always seem the oldest. Mariah, she turned 1 back in late September, then Dylan turning one on Oct. 31st. 3 1/2 months seperate these 3, but right now, any photo shoots are nearly impossible!

Our nephew turns 1

Dylan had NO problem with diving into his birthday cake!

Post 200, after quite some time...

WOW, where to begin after not blogging in so long. Time has flitted by too quickly, and with our computer being on the fritz, I got out of the routine of blogging.

October 31st was our nephew, Dylan's, 1st birthday.

Thanksgiving has come & gone - the week prior, us finding out that we are expecting our 2nd child this coming July. Friends, Jeff & Jodie McMullen paid us a visit, and then came the pouring in of Christmas cards...

Christmas has come & gone, too - as well as my cousin, Eli, getting married on Dec. 29th, and then my family's New Year's Eve party.

Now, it's January 1st and I'm nearing the end of my first trimester here in the next week. I am very thankful for that, as I have been left very tired most days.

Now - I'll try to sort through the past few months worth of pictures - but first, here's Noah - the cutie that he is ...