Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 15th - 7 Months

Lil'Miss Smiley turned 7 months. She, too, brings such joy to my heart. She loves to sit & play with toys - and squeal with delight!
Look at me!
Norah has eyelashes to die for.
Oh, Norah, you don't miss a beat - we love you!

February 11th

I turned 32 this year - and my family was here to celebrate with me. Noah had fun helping me blow out my 2 candles. Jeff made me a 2-layer spice cake with homemade cream cheese frosting, Mmmmmmmmm.Papa & Norah, hanging out.Uncle AJ was nice & let me play with his hat... Noah, of course, thought the tissue paper was the best part of the gifts...He thought tissue paper would make a good blanket & tucked Ra-ra in for "sweet dreams!"

My boy

Noah turned 2 1/2 in January. This boy has so many layers to him. I love his love for books, quiet time, and blankets - just to name a few. He never ceases to amaze me, make me smile, and make my heart swell. Although he wasn't too interested in watching Norah roll over (see below), little did he know I was watching him, too. Noah James, you are one fine lil'man.

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

The week of January 25th, we knew Norah would be rolling over. She pretty much had been, but was getting her shoulder stuck...
Notice how she reaches for the toy FURTHEST from her.Why is this shoulder in my way?Ah ha. Got it.And got the bug, too!She's so persistent & proud of herself! Good job, Norah 'Rie!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

January 24th - Joslyn Christmas, Finally

On Saturday, the 24th - we FINALLY got to see Jeff's parents & celebrate Christmas with them. Noah was feeling ok that day - so off we went - it was so nice to get out of dodge. Noah got a shopping cart from Jeff's parents for Christmas. He LOVES it!It is so fun to watch Noah intricately open his presents. OooooooooooooA PIANO! Noah was in heaven. Noah's musical ability is amazing, for being 2 1/2... sing us a song, you're the piano man....Norah hung out, in the doll stroller, silly girl.This next picture cracks me up. I'll need to do a post on Duck, Noah's best bud. But, Duck does everything with Noah. Since Noah is the oldest child - he's not really into the sharing thing. So, being around all his cousins, he didn't really like the fact that he had to share the toys - especially Lightening, the horse. As you can see, Dylan is waiting patiently - while Noah decided that DUCK needed a turn on the horse. The things Noah thinks of!Cousin Luke enjoyed holding Norah & is so good with her...Noah likes Papa to scratch his back... Thank you Mom & Dad J. for "holding" Christmas for us - we had such a nice weekend!