Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Pirate & A Princess

Once upon a time there was a jolly pirateand a pensive Princess. She searched hi & low for the pirate & YEP, she found him!He was quite pleased.And so was she.They stopped & posed for some photos.......until the pirate wanted to serenade the princess.She liked it, but showed him a few new keys...Then she took her turn, while the pirate sang his heart out."Oh, we must have some tea," proclaimed the princess.She worked hard at making it just right.Preparing her crumpets.And pouring her tea.The pirate enjoyed the snacks.
And so did the princess...who was thinking of how to best help the pirate repair his ship, screwdriver in hand.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Sunday - April 4th, 2010

The kids both slept in until 8am & soon discovered that the Easter Bunny had left eggs all over the house. This year, neither of them had any problems finding where all the eggs were.Norah kept right up with Noah!"He even left eggs in the kitchen!" Noah shouted!!Norah found her basket first.And Noah found his rather quickly, too.Lil'Miss Sweet Tooth quickly realized there were "treats" inside her eggs.Noah waited very patiently while Jeff "unhooked" Noah's new cars. He was SO excited to finally have To'mater, Doc Hudson, and the Sheriff from Cars.From here on out - we kept catching Norah with Hershey Kisses in her mouth, we finally had to take her eggs away from her.She loved her new lamb --with cheecks full of chocolate.Noah was happy to find nickels, dimes & a few quarters in his eggs, and put his money in his Monkey Bank.We tried to get a quick family picture before church, although Norah was about ready for a nap...And a bunch of "out-takes" of the kiddos before church...This is what we got when we asked Noah to look at us & smile:Put Norah in the mix...yeh, a bunch of silly Easter pics.It was such a beautiful day - when we got home Noah wanted to ride his Gator...(I started taking pictures of our daffodils, LOVE that they are up for Easter!) Norah wanted to go sit on the swingset...Then decided swinging with be much more fun.Until Noah negotiated with her that they could both swing...And I put the camera away & had fun with the kiddos!