Monday, October 25, 2010

The Great Room Swap

Jeff, being a school teacher, also works super hard over the summer - not only watching our 2 kids, but taking on house projects that often get pushed aside during the school year. Our children shared a bedroom up until this July. And as of July 29th - they now have their own bedrooms. This involved quite a bit. First, Jeff moved out the furniture in our bedroom & painted it a light gray for Noah. We had our mattress & box spring in the dining room for awhile. Norah's room was the nursery - we didn't repaint, since she currently is in love with pink - and the pale green walls go nicely with the pink. She moved out of her crib & into what was Noah's toddler bed. She was SO thrilled - which we knew she would be, since every night she would RACE to get to Noah's toddler bed before he did. And part of Noah's birthday present was a new twin-size bed. He was so happy to have a new bed & his very own room. Jeff & I moved downstairs to what was our den/playroom...
(not sure why Noah's walls don't look gray here...)
We're all thrilled with the room swap - Jeff & I are loving having our bedroom downstairs off the new bathroom - and moving the kids' toys upstairs. Continually getting more & more organized; I'm proud of us -we're doing great!


Norah: July 18th... you just turned 2 on the 15th --and couldn't be cuter. We're loving your curly hair --and your spunk. This was typical of you this summer: holding rocks, sporting sandles, and curly, curly hair.

3-Season Room

Jeff worked very hard this summer at getting our 3-Season Room nearly finished. He got the ceiling done and most of the wood work --we're loving it! Mow the Lawn

Norah is constantly doing things to make us laugh... such as wearing Noah's bike helmet backwards...In preparation of: mowing the lawn.

Swimming Lessons

This July Noah took swimming lessons over at Alfred State College for 2 weeks. He did GREAT! I'm amazed at Noah's natural "fish like" abilities ...he'd swim all day if we let him. He's excited - at night, we would go over to the school pool & practice what he'd been learning in lessons. We're so proud of him!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Norah is 2!

With Noah & Norah's birthday's 5-days apart we have one big birthday-week-extravaganza! Norah, our ever-so-spunky child, was IN.LOVE. with her pink polka-dot Hello Kitty boots.Noah's birthday had landed on a Saturday, so that day (July 10th) started the week off...and we had a small party for both kids... Norah's an expert at blowing out the candles.Both Noah & Norah are Toy Story Norah just had to have a Jessie doll.Norah's birthday was Thursday, July 15th...but on Friday, the 16th we had my cousins over & their daughter, Eva... Then, off to the balloon rally.Saturday, the 17th is when ALL the family got together. Norah was in her birthday dress, watching for everyone to arrive...And of course, greeted everyone with her boots on WITH her pretty dress.She was also a big fan of her balloons.One of my favorite pictures - dancing with my dad! She loves her Papa. (thanks AJ for taking pics for me!)Teaching Norah to read her cards first.A baby doll! Perfect.She was SO happy --and also happy with her jewelry that she immediatly put on.She's such a good little-mommy.Happy to have more cake & candles.Sunday morning was equally special - as Ra-ra & Papa Joslyn brought donut holes for the kids! A nice treat! Norah, you have such a zeal for life. You march to the beat of your own drum & have a contagious laughter. What a delight you have been --seeing you find your place in our family, keeping right up with Noah, and being a little helper. We love you so much, Stinker-bean!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Noah's 4th Birthday Week-long Celebration!

Noah's 4th birthday was Saturday, July 10th. He woke up to balloons...and held onto them while he watch a few cartoons.Since Noah's birthday was on a Saturday, we had my parents & Uncle AJ & Aunt Sherry over for some cake & ice cream.Being 4 means being SUPER excited about opening presents.Love his trains.Norah got him a backhoe to play with when we go to the beach in August.After giving her gift, Norah tended to her babydoll.Friday, July 16th my cousins Nick & Liz & baby Eva came over to help celebrate. Noah (finally) got the beloved Slinky Dog he was longing for! With the 3rd weekend in July always being the Annual Balloon Rally in Wellsville - we went over to watch & continue celebrating!Norah enjoyed the balloons, too - in true diva fashion.Saturday, the 17th was the kids' combined party --more cake, more presents, and Ra-ra & Papa Joslyn were there to help with the festivities!Wow, Noah - you're four! You sure are a special boy - mommy & daddy grow more in love with you each day. We're so proud of you, Magoo...sure wish you'd stay 4 forever.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Good day to Play in the Water (April 1st)

I'll never forget what a beautiful April we had. Noah decided it was a good time to "fish" off the "dock."
It didn't take long for Norah to spy what her brother was doing & to join in.Noah's wheels are a turnin'...he has an idea."To infinity and beyond..."Pleased as punch that he has his red rainboots on for occasions such as these...Norah always has to do what Noah does... Happy that she got in the water, too. Pretty cute, that he grabbed her hand & led her down the "stream."

Off they went.