Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jeff, Noah & I just returned from vacation on Saturday, Feb. 24th. No, we did not go to Miami Beach - this was taken back when we were SMART and DID go somewhere warm (in 2004). Instead, we drove to Barrie, ON Canada. DO not ask why. Cold, snow pictures to follow. I always thought I liked Canada. I was wrong. I should say that I like Toronto. Period. Jule Ann, I'm sorry but... Barrie, in February was just plain wrong - I should have spoken with you first!
February 14th we got a BUNCH of snow - and I drove myself to work...
My place of employment...
SO much snow that my silly husband had a snow day, was "trapped" in the house eating chips, while I went outside to take pictures...
our beautiful downtown...
And the process of shoveling our forever-long driveway. Happy snow-day to Jeff and happy Valentine's day to us - shovel, shovel, shovel.
We have a deer problem. This is our backyard - and the deer come down in groves. The other night we counted 16. At first we thought it was pretty neat - but now the army coming down is rather creepy. They eat our trees & strip our bird feeders bare.

Monday, February 26th my first bottom tooth popped up!

Please pray for our little guy, as we return to Buffalo for Noah to have his eyes looked at again. We'll be meeting with the Dr's on Monday, March 5th.

Yummmmmmmmmmm... carrots!

Noah LOVES his Johnny Jump Up - he makes it just sing!

Ok, I'm swallowing my pride & posting a picture of my birthday cake I made myself... double layer chocolate with homemade peanut butter frosting.
February 11th was a very special day. Not only was it my 30th birthday, but it was Noah's baby dedication. Jeff & my family were all there & we had a lunch at our place to follow. It's very meaningful to know that we promise to raise Noah in the ways of the Lord; the church family will help us with our journey.

Noah did very well - until it was Pastor's turn to hold him - the bottom-wimpering-lip appeared!