Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fancy Nancy Party

Thursday, August 18, 2011
Our local library (which we LOVE) held a Fancy Nancy Party back in August. Norah & I were invited - and THIS is what Norah lives for. If you have a little girl & Fancy Nancy isn't a household word... it's a book series by Jane O'Connor... find them, it's fun!! Norah chose her outfit all by herself...Inside the Tea Room at the library, where Norah got to decorate a headband, make a corsage, and add sparkles to whatever she wanted... THEN gets to sit in this chair for photo ops.Next, into the Fancy Nancy story room.Mrs. Bulger, the Children's librarian (who is amazing!) put some Fancy Nancy & other princess books out for all the girls...Mrs. Bulger is the one in the purple gown... Out to the terrace where tea & snacks (and a chocolate fountain!!) await... (If I had to do it all over again, I'd get married on the perfect October day, out on the library terrace - it's so beautiful out there!)
Norah was ready for the tea party to begin!As if Norah wasn't already in heaven... the chocolate fountain, where she could dip marshmallows (which she LOVES) was a sure hit with Norah...What a fun afternoon to spend with her - we had a blast!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Never-Ending Mulch Pile

Back on July 21st... a day before my friends from Maine were coming down (& then heading out on vacation)...and a mere 2 days before we left for vacation, we got a HUGE truck-full of mulch delivered. There it sat on our driveway until we returned from our trip. Jeff, Mr. Ambitious, spread a numerous amount on the gardens & there was still plenty left. SO, he decided to extend one of our flower beds. Here he is, ripping up sod... with Norah's help.He actually has now wrapped the beds all the way around - connecting to the front bed.Both our kids are WONDERFUL helpers - Norah would scoop & deliver mulch & after a few turns, Noah would take his turn.A cheerful helper.She'd even dump it exactly where Jeff told her to!Noah, taking his turn.The kids also played in the mulch...and played.And Norah would try her best to keep it in a nice, neat pile.And when Jeff got tired of mulching...he also tackled scraping & painting the garage. I was a bit... shocked, shall I say, by his scraping "arrangement" - but it worked.Jeff doesn't like heights, but I was so proud of him - he did it!
I guess I need an after-picture. Our garage is scraped AND painted & look fabulous! Thanks, hun!


August 11, 2011
There's something beautiful about where we pick blueberries every year. I love it on top of the hill. Norah had her basket & was ready to pick.Rara would help Noah find just the right berries......and Papa would also help Noah (truth be told, he was often caught with his hand snatchin' berries out of other's buckets... pretty smart, Noah!)This is Norah, popping a berry in her mouth & proclaiming, "Mmmmmm!" I'm thankful they didn't weigh Norah before we went in the patch & when we came out...she ate A.LOT. of berries.I had to chuckle, as I was picking & was watching Noah hang his basket on a branch. Fun memories made with Rara & Papa... they equally enjoy riding in their Jeep out of the patch to the top of the hill!


Norah, she has a spunky personality. She asks to have her picture taken, not all the time, but...sometimes...
This is one of her favorite pillow-case dresses that Rara J. makes for her.She asks, again, for her picture to be taken. Should have known.And off she goes - without a care in the world.

Sept. 6, 2011: First Day of Kindergarten

Noah was VERY happy to go to Kindergarten - and was more than willing to get his picture taken...with Peter the Penguin, before going...He has Mrs. Decker this year - and we are SO thankful he's in her classroom. She's wonderful. Noah, with his new Nike sneakers for school ( and GYM class, I mean, Physical Education) Norah had to get in on the action, despite still being in her pj's and messy bed-head. Jeff & I both walked Noah down to his classroom. No tears from this boy. I have to say though, Mommy & Daddy BOTH cried a lot the days prior to this. Something about being 5, something about Noah being gone ALL day at school seems so...official. I know/knew he was more than ready, but - I just want to perhaps, keep him all to myself... and now I know I can't. Noah, if anything - know that your mommy & daddy love you a ton and are very, very proud of you. So glad I took my camera to school that first day, because I got to capture this smily face before we walked out & left you there for your first full day: