Saturday, August 14, 2010

Noah's 4th Birthday Week-long Celebration!

Noah's 4th birthday was Saturday, July 10th. He woke up to balloons...and held onto them while he watch a few cartoons.Since Noah's birthday was on a Saturday, we had my parents & Uncle AJ & Aunt Sherry over for some cake & ice cream.Being 4 means being SUPER excited about opening presents.Love his trains.Norah got him a backhoe to play with when we go to the beach in August.After giving her gift, Norah tended to her babydoll.Friday, July 16th my cousins Nick & Liz & baby Eva came over to help celebrate. Noah (finally) got the beloved Slinky Dog he was longing for! With the 3rd weekend in July always being the Annual Balloon Rally in Wellsville - we went over to watch & continue celebrating!Norah enjoyed the balloons, too - in true diva fashion.Saturday, the 17th was the kids' combined party --more cake, more presents, and Ra-ra & Papa Joslyn were there to help with the festivities!Wow, Noah - you're four! You sure are a special boy - mommy & daddy grow more in love with you each day. We're so proud of you, Magoo...sure wish you'd stay 4 forever.