Monday, May 18, 2009

Noah's 1st Love

Noah just loves Daddy's tractor. Rain or shine, Noah wants to be outside & on the tractor. He cracks us up, because then he says, "Mama, take picture of me on tractor!" They'll be A LOT of these pictures over the summer, I'm sure!


Again, if there is dirt or mud somewhere - Noah will find it. Sometimes I think Mr. Magoo belongs on a farm, he's such an outdoorsy boy! We may have to send him your way, Laura!He was pretty proud of himself, then said, "I take shower?!" Yes, Noah - into the shower you go


Jeff's been busy once again in the greenhouse. With our annual garage sale coming up - Jeff wanted to go "Bigger & better" this year with selling his plants. Roma's, beefers, and cherry tomatoes... Good thing we (and our parents) eat a lot of yogurt - it's perfect for selling plants! He also has started gourds, Casper pumpkins, "normal" pumpkins, zucchinis, yellow squash, goose neck gourds, corn, you name it - we've got it. Soon - to the garden!

10 Months - May 15th

Wow, 10 months. I feel (probably) like every other parent who watches their children grow up way too fast. It's just so fun; everyday is something new. I often refer to Lil'Miss as my "koala bear" as she likes to be on my hip - or at least where I am. Some days, yes, it's tiring - but I love it - What was life ever like before Norah (and Noah!)?Almost walking - so hard to believe - she tries to keep right up w/ Mr. Noah.Watching traffic go by...Hmm, I think I felt a bugI love the wisp!I know - I could eat her right up!YAWN! "Mom, are we done yet?!"

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Noah's doing a great job on getting potty-trained. While I'm at work, he sometimes calls me to "report" his bathroom activity.
This morning he called me & says,
"Hi Mama - I go water & poopy!"

I love it - he calls #1 "going water!"

Smart kid.