Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To the date...

5 years ago, this very night - I was on my first date with Jeff (or "Mr. Joslyn" as I so properly referred to him).
We had picked out pumpkins & had some hot chocolate at the Texas Hot.
We're carving pumpkins tonight, as per our tradition.
I'm still happy...
I'm one lucky, and very blessed lady.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


This teddy has become Noah's playmate. I find it adorable when Noah drags poor teddy around, lays him down, puts a blanket on his head and says, "night night." Teddy has no complaints.

Color burst

With red being my favorite color, I ran out into my parent's yard to capture the beauty in this tree...

I love fall

Too bad my camera doesn't capture the scent as well...


The mum that I bought last year grew back and is even more beautiful than last year...


On our front porch, to have their insides scooped out; then shine a lil' light.

15 months

I'm late at posting these, but on the 10th, Noah turned 15months. 15 months...and so many faces.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hogback Mountain, VT.

If I could, I'd be here right now - with the leaves in their splendor!

The Michalak's

Now that I've finally got Kelly & Steve's pictures to them (thanks for being patient, guys), I'll post a few for everyone to enjoy. What a beautiful day - for two beautiful people. Congratulations to our friends: Kelly & Steve!


One of my favorite flowers in our out-front garden is the sedum... while Jeff favors his sunflowers.

Garage Sale Find...

Did you say, "Want to ride in the wagon, Daddy?"
Why yes I did!

My grandparents, along with my Aunt & Uncle had a garage sale this past weekend - and we got the best find: a beautiful, red wagon! Noah LOVES it!

Homemade Stromboli

I made homemade stromboli the other night - again, one of Jeff's favorites. Full of pesto, cheese, & pepperoni!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Picture Perfect

I realized I hadn't blogged in nearly 2 weeks - but this is why... I much rather spend my time with Noah -wouldn't you?

New Duds

Noah was surprised that Jeff put him on the table...
All to show off the new sneakers & new coat.


This box lasted for about a week... my mom would push him around in it during the day, Jeff & I would push him around once we got home from work & Noah would play all day if he has a box!

Just his size...

Again, Noah's love for boxes - no matter what the size!

Try to catch me..

I love this picture, because this captures Noah's pure joy that he constantly has.

Got Milk?

Noah also enjoys playing with our empty milk jugs... not quite sure what he finds so thrilling about them, but he'll pick them up & carry them around the house with him.