Sunday, January 31, 2010

Three and a Half

Noah turned 3 1/2 on January 10th. My, time goes fast. Although Noah has always had an extreme love for music at a young, young age - his most recent love is the violin. With Jeff being a music teacher, our children are very fortunate to be exposed to several different instruments. We have told Noah that if he keeps this passion up, that he can have lessons this summer. (Don't mind his hair - he got a haircut a few days after these pictures were taken).He practices very hard to get a nice sound to come out while he bows.Keep up the good work, Noah!
So, 3 and a 1/2 is a neat age. We see Noah maturing before our eyes. His imagination has come to life - he loves to pretend and dress up as a doctor, a fireman, a cowboy, or a chef. He loves to play with his tractors & trucks. He still enjoys reading & now even "pretends" to read those books that he now has memorized from us reading them over & over. He's quite the little chatter bug. Curious George is still his favorite cartoon. Duck & blanket are still "must-haves" before going to bed, although Woody has joined the regime. It's fun seeing him now enjoying a bowl of tomato soup with his grilled cheese sandwich. He often asks for bologna & cheese (which I find disgusting) but seems to be one of his favorite things for lunch. He's also a pasta lover --and also enjoys meatloaf. It's just neat to see his little personality bursting out. He's kind, loves to snuggle, and is quite the "politeness police" when it comes to his sister using her manners correctly. I love hearing Noah pray before every meal, and to clear his plate after excusing himself from the table. It's certainly not because of all these little manners he's picked up so well - but because of simply who he is. It's a pleasure watching you grow up, Noah - and somedays I get sad knowing that it goes by too quickly. What I do know, is if this is a glimpse of the man you will all too quickly be - you will be a fine gem. I hope you always snuggle with me & always have the joy for life that you currently have. Love you, Magoo!

Christmas: Part 2

After Christmas morning & early afternoon at our house...we loaded up the car & headed up to Jeff's parents for Christmas. This year, Jeff's brother, Rob & sister-in-law, Val hosted Christmas at their house. Val had things decorated so nicely:Noah & Norah's cousins: Luke & Dylan in front of all the presents. Jeff's oldest brother's family wasn't able to make it - as they were sick with the stomach bug.Papa J. was holding the youngest, little Maddie - only 2 months old:
Jeff was holding Norah...while she would sit still, anyway. She was enjoying all the food:As was Noah:Norah always finds someone's shoes to put it was Val's mom's...She was just too cute in her Christmas dress...Ah ha - found the Chex Mix...Later, we went back to Jeff's parents to spend the night & the kids got in their jammies.Noah loved cuddling up with Ra-ra J. Little did we know that in 36 hours the stomach bug would hit our family, too. I got it first, then about 6 hours into it - Jeff got it. Poor Noah, he held strong, until Thursday, New Year Eve's night. He asked to go to bed early - and about an hour later --it struck. Poor little guy. He'd never thrown up before. We spent that evening basically cleaning up after him & wearing the washing machine out. We felt so sad for him. Luckily, he bounced back in about 2 days.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas '09 went as such: Jeff & I take turns spending Christmas with each of our families and this year was to be a Joslyn Christmas. SO, on Dec. 24th we had done Christmas with my family. There are no pictures...basically, we ate dinner and my brother became VERY ill with the stomach bug while at my parent's house. The rest of that was a blur. Jeff & I came home on the 24th & got ready for Santa's arrival at our house. It looked like such:We got up on the 25th - the kiddos came downstairs with The Chipmunks music playing! Santa ate his chocolate chip cookies that Jeff & Noah made & left only a morsel. He drank his milk & took the carrots for the reindeer. Noah said, "Look, it's all gone...except this crumb!" and put it in his mouth.Noah went quickly to his stocking.A pez dispenser! (his first!)Norah wanted to do her stocking, too!Norah's 2nd Hallmark Ornament to add to her collection.And bracelets (which quickly fell apart & got returned!)We got the kids their own table - they both LOVE it.Buzz & Woody were unwrapped & Christmas came to a screeching hault! He was SO happy.Norah got a purse...which she loved. We enjoyed Christmas morning together as a family - the kids devoured their Cinnamon Sugar PopTarts (a special treat) and we packed up & headed to the Joslyn's in Derby that afternoon...

Not any pictures of Jeffrey & I...I got Jeff a swivel-rocker-recliner and some clothing, & Jeff got me a Pandora bracelet, slippers, and a sweater. The kids each got me a charm for my bracelet - I love it!

Noah as Joseph, December 20th

Last year, Noah was a shepherd, although at almost 2 1/2, he didn't really know...
This year, however at almost 3 1/2, was a different story. Noah, being the only boy in his Sunday School class, was Joseph. We had a Peanut's Gang Manger scene on our window & one night when I was explaining Joseph to Noah, Noah grabbed my hand & told me to come look. He took me to the window where the Manger-window-clings were. "Mama, I want to be this guy (Linus) - he's a shepherd & he's cool because he watches sheep!" I tried hard not to laugh, because it was so cute. I told him, "No, you are Joseph (Charlie Brown) and he's cool, too!" We have books & so on & so forth, but he was convinced that he wanted to "Watch sheep." SO, we told Noah that Joseph is a Handy which Noah said, "He'd like to be Handy Manny." AH, this isn't Halloween...but in the end, Noah played a fine Joseph.I have to laugh, because Mary, is the tall girl in blue, standing behind Noah (as Joseph).I think Noah liked singing much better than being Joseph, besides --he got to ring his own bell. Noah sang his heart out, but wasn't too fond of his "constricting costume."
After he was done, he sat between Ra-ra & Papa...and read a hymnal. Sweet, sweet, son of mine...I love every little aspect of you.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

A lot of baking was done - but I only took the time to take a picture of the chocolate covered pretzels Jeff helped me with.Yummy, indeed.


Sometimes Noah tells me to get my camera out. Before Christmas, I thought this would be a good idea - until converstations went something like, "Noah, don't choke your sister! Norah, take your bink out!""Mama, we're wrestling!" (Just want I want to send in the Christmas cards...)I thought we'd try some in front of the tree...Norah found her bunny much more interesting & Noah wanted his blanket...Noah decided to say, "Cheese" but Norah still would not pay attention...

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

The tree was put up -This year Jeff's parents had given us their village & we decorated the mantle with it. Some older bulbs, along with my Hallmark ornament collection adorned the tree.And the kids' favorite: the train under the tree. The train, alone, entertained them for days - and hours upon hours.We had found a train whistle in our travels for a souvenir for Noah over the summer. He was constantly blowing his whistle & yelling, "All aboard!" I wish I could freeze time & keep the kids at 1 & 3 years old - they have so much joy.

Good to the Last Drop

This holiday season was really fun, with Noah enjoying more things & asking for hot cocoa all the time! Norah enjoys "Cocoa Time" too...with a bottle & lots of marshmallows."It's delicious!" Noah tells me - and I fully agree.

December 3rd: Downtown Merchant Opening Night

As per tradition, we went up town for downtown Merchant Night. The kids always love it, as we make a trip to the library & then stay out for the fireworks display.
Noah liked looking in the store-fronts & seeing this Santa at Fisher's Pharmacy. YAY - fireworks. Norah didn't even flinch - she loved them, too!