Saturday, August 15, 2009

Washin' the John Deere

Jeff was out washing the cars - and Noah decided he needed to wash his 'Deere. He's such a good helper & always so proud of himself. I just love him to pieces!Always paying attention to fine-details.Swish, swish, swish...Jeff even helped him use the power-washer.And - drying it off so he can keep on riding.

3-Season Room: Day #3 & 4

Jeff worked very hard on getting the windows in place before my dad came over to help --One more to go!My parents came over & dad helped Jeff plumb the windows.pound, pound, pound.They then worked on getting the door hung.Voila - what the house looks like from the kids' swingset. And - standing back near our fire-pit.

Friday, August 14, 2009

3-Season Room: Day 1 & 2 (August 4th & 5th)

On Tuesday, August 4th - Jeff's parents & family friends, Phil & Brigette, came down to help us start our 3-season room. The night before Jeff laid all his materials out: lots of windows - 11 of them!
Jeff also tore down the one 1/2 wall prior to his parents arrival.Looks so different with the old 1/2 wall out.Noah was a happy helper!Gotta love the safety goggles!The men busy framing in the room.Noah - again, always willing to help! He's helping Jeff's mom empty the sawdust bag.Norah was so good & would go sit on Brigette's lap & watch.And, Norah would also walk around - wave, and laugh, and be cute.Day #2 --I couldn't believe how much the 3 guys got done!Time to put the electric in!I wanted LOTS of outlets so I never have to worry about where to plug something in!Jeff's dad testing the wires for our ceiling fan.Using the T-square letting Jeff know where the studs were - so Jeff knew where to nail.Norah, such a good lil' foreman - with goggles to boot.Almost there... Jeff & his dad hung one window for me - to show me the progress! I'm so excited - it's coming along!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Midway Park - Chautauqua Lake - July 30th

On Thursday, the 30th, we drove from Jeff's parents' down to Chautauqua Lake for the day. It's so beautiful there! After taking in a few scenes of the lake, we took the kids to Midway Park. What a perfect little gem for small kids like ours. Noah wanted to ride the boats first - and kept saying they were like "Papa J's boat!"Next - a train ride. Noah loves trains.Then, the rollar coaster. When Noah got done on the coaster he said, "That's scary, I don't ride that again."Jeff was a good sport riding most of the rides for Noah - as this was Noah's 1st time riding any rides.Norah had a good time watching.We packed a picnic & ate a nice lunch at the park.Nothing beats the Merry-Go-Round.Next, a stroll down to the lake again.View looking back up from the lake:Back to the boats - I lost count, but I think he rode the boats 7 times.The "Tidal Wave" - another ride Noah said he didn't want to ride again.*Whew, that's over.Noah LOVED the Fun Slide & did this several times, too!And the planes...The Tilt-A-Whirl - not a fan of this yet, either, but he did a great job.One last train ride before heading home! What a fun day - we hope to do this again before summer is over.