Monday, March 31, 2008

Tub time

Toaster Tart

Noah's favorite part of Jeff & I getting some groceries at Save A Lot are the boxes we bring home. Noah could play in a box all day if we let him!


My best friend, Becky, mailed Baby Girl Joslyn a package, which included a grass skirt... Noah has claimed it for his own. Jeff & I found some leis and Noah thinks he needs to wear these daily! Mr. "I'm a big boy & can do it myself" likes to carry around his stool to get up where he wants to go...Ta Da! Look at me!


Saturday, March 22nd, we spent with Jeff's parents. Noah's cousin, Devin's, birthday was on Easter Sunday, so Noah got to go to his party - as well as have an Easter egg hunt! He spotted his first egg (WHY did he find the PINK one first?!)I found one!He was very tickled that he could put his egg into his own goody-bag!Aunt Val was teasing Noah about all of his eggs!Wow! There's candy inside...We came back home to celebrate Easter at our own house & Noah wasn't so much into finding eggs Easter morning. He wanted to watch Lambchop - so this was during his first 2-3 egg excitement...And this is the classic family Easter Portrait '08 prior to heading to church. (Notice my Pregnancy Week #23 double chin)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

2.27.08 First Cut

Noah went to Aquaria, the salon, for the first time on Wednesday. My cousin Eli's wife, Alicia, cut his hair for us... Noah did a great job. He acts like he does this everyday!

It's amazing that after a cut that Noah looks a few months older!