Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lone flower

We occasionally get a handful of Forget-Me-Nots in our backyard. I've always found them beautiful. Noah discovered it & I tried to persuade him to pick it for me.
He studied it; then proceeded to yank the petals off.

Moose Caboose

Jeff was vacuuming and washing our Jeeps today & I couldn't help but snap a few photos of Noah's backside...He tried & tried to get himself into the Jeep.
The only thing that distracts him is when he remembers that he can get a glance of daddy's tractor & possibly go for a ride.

Wednesday, April 16th

Wednesday evening was nice, but required putting on our fleece jackets before heading to the park. This was Noah's first time on these wobbly things.
We walked over to the river to see what was going on.

Fisherman are already beginning to try their luck, as Wellsville's Annual Trout Derby is in 2 weeks. Noah liked to watch.

Island Park

Island Park is about 2 miles from our house - and now that the weather has been nice, we've taken Noah a few times. Today, however, was his first experience with the slide.He was very proud of himself for climbing up the ladder & making it to the top...
I'm almost ready to go...

Noah LOVED it! And here he goes again...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lunch at 21 months

Noah turned 21 months last Thursday, April 10th. Lunchtime has become so much fun now that he's mastering the use of his fork. He's such a silly boy...

Last weeks weather

Last week we had some gorgeous weather in the high 60's. Jeff had sent me to the gas station to fill up the can for the lawn mower, while he got Noah ready for his ride. I couldn't believe that for 2 gallons this little can cost me $7.04 to fill up! But, it's so worth it! Noah loves riding with daddy in the backyard.
Up on the hill...
And riding around & around, again and again.


Sometimes Noah gets out his instruments & just "inspects" them - making sure they meet his standards...