Sunday, March 20, 2011

Norah O'Joslyn

Norah had a little parade at her library-time this week...she now continues parading daily. She also is IN LOVE with her pj's Rara-J made her...she says she's a ballerina.


Spring has sprung ...this household couldn't be happier!


Yesterday, I had my annual Daycare Skate. The kiddos came over - and Papa even came to skate with Noah. Norah & Jeff skated a bit...
Both kiddos didn't last long, as they weren't feeling well...this was followed by 3-hour naps, and cancelling our weekend vacation plans. Poor kiddos :(

St. Patrick's Day - March 17th

We finally saw high of 57-degrees this week. Time to get those kiddos outside!Diligently shoveling the last of the snow! Noah is scoping out the yard...Winter has wrecked havoc on our backyard.Whenever Norah is in deep thought, you catch her with her tongue out. Noah claims he is in the circus. Somedays, I'd have to agree with him. YAY for nice weather!

Splish Splash

Norah is our bubble bath girl. She'll stay in the tub until we force her out of there! She tells us she's "Ho-ho!" (Santa)Since when did she get long enough to stretch the whole tub?!

Noah's Room

Thanks to Rara-J (Jeff's mom) Noah's room is finally completed! Jeff had painted the walls awhile ago (again, thanks for the paint mom & dad Joslyn!), and the room has slowly been coming together. Noah was so happy when a package came in the mail with CURTAINS! His room is complete. He's so proud of them and his room - and he is loving playing in there & keeping things very neat. We like to pick on Noah that we're all going to move up to his room - he tells us, "No way!"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Noah Logic

Noah is becoming quite the budding artist. Everyday my mom & Noah do art-time & Noah starts to draw & has Ra-ra draw the same shapes, etc. He LOVES it and now has an art gallery (I'll have to post a picture...) on our mantel. While being proud of his/their work the other day & just beaming...
My mom tells me of this exchange:
Noah: Ra-ra, these are GREAT pictures. We should get married.
Ra-ra: But I'm already married to Papa... so you'll have to marry somebody else.
Noah: Ok, I can marry Norah then.
I am so thankful that these two love each other so much...and so thankful that my kiddos love my mom so much.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Warming Up the Oven

Yesterday, Saturday March 5th - we needed something "extra" to do at night... so, I called on my chefs....We made a homemade Oatmeal Snack are the kiddos licking the beaters.I am SO thankful that they love each other so much. I also love that Noah's sporting a cake-batter mustache. 40 mintues later, cake came out of the oven...and we were too busy eating to document!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

First Day of Jeff's Winter Break

Monday, February 21st we woke up to SNOW, lots & lots of snow. Happy President's Day...luckily we both had the day off. We bundled the kiddos up & out we went to try to get unburied. This was taken when I stepped out the back sun room door... looks like Jeff had created a little "maze" to get to the garage...It really was pretty!Norah "helped" with her pink bucket.Noah, he's a boy who loves snow. Loves sun. Loves BEING.OUTSIDE. He's all boy. He'd climb the snow piles & conquer the "mountains" - and play, and play, and play until I dragged him inside.Norah, she'll play outside all day, too. She cracks me up - she doesn't complain much, just keeps playing, even if she can't see.Snow-removal-man, Noah.I took a lot of pictures (yes, I'm laughing while I type this... I really DID shovel, just, I don't take pictures of MYSELF, shoveling.)Jeff sure was a trooper, he just kept shoveling... (*insert, this is where I noticed our nice neighbor, Mr. Bill, wave us down & ask us if we wanted to use his snow blower)"Where's Daddy going?" Norah was yelling at Jeff...Good ol' Mr. Bill, watching Jeff use the snow blower. Truth be told, he waited for Jeff to shovel a wider path, & he walked down it to come talk to me... and see the kids. He loves our kids - and we love him. We couldn't ask for a nicer neighbor.And, we are thankful that we could use the blower that day - sure made the rest of the job a lot easier. Our poor snow blower is in the garage with a flat tire. We had bought it used a few years ago...we are now on board with buying a new one next snow season.
What a day.

You've Got A Friend In Me

I always loved Toy Story. Now, Noah loves Toy Story equally as much. It melts my heart that when Noah watches this movie he grabs all his buddies, too: Buzz, Rex, Slink-dog, Jessie, and Woody. He has the Potato Heads, too - not sure why those aren't out! Noah is such a sensitive lil'guy... I love that about him!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Backtrack to Christmas

Always a lot of preparations before Christmas. Noah really enjoyed doing his Advent Calendar this year. Dozens of gingerbread-man cutouts were made... Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house...

Norah & Uncle AJ love hanging out together...Noah claimed he was, "Santa's favorite helper!"Norah got a new coloring book & crayons from Rara & Papa!Noah snuggling with Papa...Norah also got a princess sleeping bag...and she was happy as a peacock to lay on her bag & color!That evening when we got home, got the kiddos to bed - Jeff & I got things ready for Christmas morning. Norah's big gift this year was the Melissa & Doug kitchen...Noah's first glimpse that Santa, indeed, arrived!Norah spied her kitchen right away & immediately began playing. Noah, excitedly unwrapping his big red tractor. My most favorite Christmas picture:Again, Norah is always in costume. She got the tutu from Uncle AJ & Aunt Sherry & is in love with it.Rex!! (Noah's Toy Story collection is nearly complete!)Noah's big gift this year was 2 GeoTrax (train) sets... he was SO proud.The 26th we went up to have Christmas with the Joslyns. I only wish I took more pictures there, but I did get one of the kiddos with Rara J. In addition, this is the first Christmas in 3 years that we were ALL healthy for Christmas. It was wonderful.