Monday, June 16, 2008

The Big 3-0

Happy Birthday to my best friend and Noah's best friend. Thanks for being the greatest -for making me laugh & being Noah's favorite buddy... here's to many more birthdays, hun!
Love you.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Back in March, during one of the more "powerful" storms we had - one of our trees fell down. This was such a blessing in so many ways: the estimated cost to fall this tree was close to $1000. Sure, we have that in the savings account, but - who wants to spend that kind of money to take a tree DOWN? It also fell exactly where we'd want it to. The only real "problem" we saw was that it was a mess & it had to be taken care of.
I'm sometimes amazed at how much work Jeff does on top of working all day as a teacher - he began to rake up all the sticks & debris and had a fire. My cousin, Jesse, brought over my uncle's chainsaw & Jeff & Jesse had a fun time cutting the tree up. We now have a ton of wood to use for campfires this summer!

The yard looks so neat & clean, although the boys decided to fall another tree as well, so there are still some scraps waiting their turn for their fate...

What it took

I should have posted these prior to yesterday's post - but here's a few pictures of all the hard work Jeff has been doing. Below - the plot we decided to put in a larger garden...
Breaking the ground...Noah, being the foreman that he is - Jeff rota tilling - And this is just phase one of the 'tilling - he doubled this in the next few days. He also dug up my rhubarb & replanted it further up the hill for me.