Saturday, March 27, 2010

February 27th - Noah's 1st Snowman

Back in February we FINALLY got some snow. Noah & I went into the backyard to make a snowman!We had a lot of fun, but the snow was sticking something awful to my gloves.Not the greatest looking snowman ever, but it was cute & Noah was very proud of himself. We used the snowman "kit" that Ra-ra & Papa J. got him for Christmas.Nothing is better than eating a little bit of the snow...Now off to go sledding down our hill...After about 45 minutes outside, Noah was ready to come in. What a fun time.

President's Day

What to do on President's Day with the kiddos: make cupcakes of course. The kids love to help, especially when it comes time to lick the beaters.Mmmmmm."Noah, how's the cupcake?!" (Caught him startled!)Norah never needs help when it comes to eating sweets. She LOVES them.Happy as a clam.

Valentine's Day: Feb. 14th

Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year & we let Norah get one more use out of her Christmas Dress. I was trying to get some good pictures before church, but Lil'Miss had more important things to do, such as turn on her favorite song (Woody's Roundup from Toy Story)...and DANCE!Taking a break with her Valentine Bear.Then back at it again. I love that she's finally getting some hair and it CURLS in the back!!

Noah, the Artist

Noah has just recently enjoyed using his easel a bit more. One of his creations - done 100% by himself -- a "monster" as he called it. Notice the little stick arms & legs, TOO cute & nicely done, Noah!