Sunday, September 23, 2007


Autumn is arriving & I couldn't be happier...



This past week has been rough. Jeff had been sick, along with my dad. My mom & I got hit with it on Tuesday night. Tuesday was my parent's 36th wedding anniversary and we all had taken Wednesday off so that mom & dad could spend the day together. That was the original plan, now it all seemed quite involved: I take the day off from work because my mom watches Noah for us, so when I take the day off, that allows mom the day off. Wednesday, we were ALL sick - aches, pains, headaches, very stuffy nose, coughing, you name it. As mom & dad rested at home; I was here watching Noah. The hardest thing ever was to watch a 14-month old when I felt like crud. Jeff had gone to work that day & I was happy to see him arrive home at 3:45 to relieve me of my duties for awhile. Luckily, we are all now on the mend & praying that Noah will not catch it.

Happy 36th Anniversary, mom & dad! I'm so proud of them: AJ & I couldn't ask for better parents! Hopefully next time we all take a day off, we don't spend it at home, being sick!


I made homemade enchiladas the other night, only I didn't roll them up - I did it more like a lasagna. It was a hit - Jeff and Noah both loved it; it satisfied my Mexican craving as well.

Splish, splash

Puzzle Time

Monday, September 10, 2007

14 months

Noah's 14 months today. Each day just gets better & better - I never would have dreamt that this little guy would bring so much joy to our lives!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Our home.

When we first moved in July '04... August '07...

I'm amazed when I look back at old pictures. Jeff & I have done a lot on the house/property since we've bought it. It's a great sense of accomplishment. This summer we finished siding the house, as well as ALL the windows are new. It's great to have windows that open! I am thankful that Jeff is a green thumb - he did all the gardens himself.

Mommy may I?

This is Noah's snack container that we put in his diaper bag. This little smarty knows that it's in there & either opens the bag to find it OR drags his entire diaper bag to us when he wants a snack. He then shakes it to hear the crackers or other treats inside before he hands it to us.

Too many zucchini?

Due to the plethora of zucchini in our garden, I decided to make homemade zucchini relish.
What stared off as this... about 8 large zucchini & 5 large onions... Turned out like this: (with addition of several spices)

I got to freeze 8 quarts!
So, for 101. things about me: I don't like relish BUT I DO LOVE zucchini relish. It's the only relish I'll eat. Jeff and I had our annual Labor Day party for my side of the family this past Sunday & I've converted 2 more people onto the relish: my cousin Laura and my sister-in-law, Sherry. It's delicious!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Moss Lake

Jeff & I spent some time at Moss Lake on Labor Day. Noah enjoyed walking on the dock down to the bog. We also fed the millions of catfish, but the picture looks like a big black-mob, so I will spare you all.

After 12 years...

Not the greatest picture, but... my friend from high school, Kim, found out I was still living in the town we graduated from and paid me a visit while she was home. She is now living in Denver with her husband and her 5-month old son, Lucas. Kim's parents still live in the area & she herself is hoping to move back here in the near future. Perhaps Noah will have a new playmate!
It was good to reconnect after all these years!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

(con't) 100 Things About Me...

52. I love children's books. I could sit in a Barnes & Nobles or Borders all day & just look. I also love the smell of new books. My favorite children's author is Sandra Boynton.
53. I canNOT stand pet hair of any kind being on any of my belongings. Jeff had 2 cats when we got married & we just got rid of them both over the summer.
54. I like to plan and schedule things. People find it ironic that I had Noah on his due date - and that I worked the Friday before I had him & then had Noah on that coming Sunday eve.
55. I did not find out the gender of my child prior to having him - and I prefer it this way - even when we have our 2nd child someday.
56. I LOVE being barefoot. If I can't be barefoot I prefer flip-flops or my Birks. I am thankful that I can wear my Birks to work.
57. I love sweaters - and have about 30+ of them. If I wanted to, I could easily wear a different sweater everyday of the month.
58. I lived only a mile away from my grandparents and my aunt & uncle (on my Mom's side) while growing up. I use to ride my bike there after school at least 3 times a week. They are some of the most important people in my life.
59. I wrote for my high school newspaper and also wrote for my college newspaper. I've always enjoyed writing & I'm a fierce editor.
60. I love REAL Maple Syrup. Store-bought maple syrup is too gluey.
61. In Elementary School we had something called the "Follies." These were short skits/music type numbers that were done by homeroom, and the entire school (1st-5th) participated. There was always a theme & in 4th grade I had a lead part, along with my friend, Andy Woodworth.
62. My mother-in-law is extremely gifted with her hands. She wanted to be a Home-Ec. teacher & should have been. She makes beautiful quilts, clothing, and also did my bouquets for my wedding.
63. The Christmas Jeff & I were engaged, my mother-in-law made me the most wonderful Christmas quilt. I'm very selfish when it comes to sharing this with anyone.
64. I love Christmas movies. A few of my favorites are: Muppet Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, Charlie Brown Christmas, and White Christmas.
65. My sister-in-law, Sherry, is SUPER smart. You'd want her on your team if you are playing Trivia or Scrabble.
66. My husband finds it odd that I have "back-ups" in our pantry. I do not like the feeling that I may run out of something, so I always buy "extras" to store.
67. I sometimes catch myself trying to buy something just because it's a "good sale." I simply like the fact that I'm saving money.
68. I LOVE Seinfeld and am thankful that they have full seasons on DVD.
69. My dad was my small-court basketball coach.
70. I collected Cabbage Patch Kids when I was young - I have 20 of them. They all still look brand-new because I always prized these. I got my first one, Kari, when I was in 1st grade.
71. I HATE my birthstone - amethyst. It's my least favorite color - I wish my birthstone was a ruby, but luckily, that is Noah's birthstone - so I now have a ruby ring!
72. I've eaten goat before and it really isn't that bad. While in Haiti there are goats EVERYWHERE and my cousin & I use to joke about which one we'd be having for dinner.
73. Growing up I use to "make fun of" my parents for watching things like 60 Minutes and Dateline. Let's just say - I've become my parents.
74. This past February I went dog sledding in Canada. It was a lot of fun, but I rather go snorkeling.
75. In 3rd grade we all had pen pals from Virginia. I wrote to mine until I entered college; we've never met.
76. I have been to 26 states & it's my goal to visit all of them.
77. I've marched a halftime show for the Buffalo Bills when I was in high school.
78. My group of friends and I went to Disney Land for Spring Break my junior year of college. We stayed with Flossie & Dick Roeske, friends from church who winter in Florida. This was my first time driving down to Florida.
79. Jeff & I honeymooned on Marco Island, FL. This was my first time flying to Florida...and I will always fly to Florida since that trip. It is so much faster!
80. My first date with Jeff was picking out pumpkins & going to Texas Hot. It was a perfect date.
81. People I watch (frequently) on television I call "friends" (as a joke)... my mom does this, too. Chesley is a friend and I get worried if he's not on my TV in the morning.
82. I'm pretty regimented as to when I eat. I eat breakfast every morning & I have to eat lunch anywhere between 12-1, otherwise I actually begin feeling sick & get a headache. I'm the same way with dinner - I prefer to eat sometime between 5-6pm.
83. My favorite game show is Press Your Luck.
84. I like keeping my fingernails short - I'm not sure why, probably because I'm a guitar player.
85. I love making things with apples - and I love the smell of apples baking.
86. If I ever stayed home from school because I was sick, I would always lay on the couch & drink Tomato Juice...and look forward to 11 because I was allowed to watch Price is Right.
87. I have super-talented and lovely-spirited friends - many from college: Abigail, Sarah, Sandy, Andrew, Heidi, Jodie, Kert, Lisa, Laurie... I could go on & on. I am proud of all of them.
88. Some days I wish I could go back to college with the knowledge I have now. I believe I'm a better person now, but because of the lessons learned while I was there.
89. I canNOT stand motorcyclists. I think they are dangerous and it irks me to have to ever follow someone that's driving one.
90. I think receiving a card in the mail, for no particular reason, is a wonderful present.
91. My best friend at work smokes. She always walks by my door & asks me if I want to "watch her smoke." It's become a joke - because if I call Jeff I say, "I'm outside smoking with T." (I've never smoked before & never will - I think it's a horrible habit) She is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met and I have learned a lot from her. I admire her honesty, her drive, and how she is straight-forward. I think everyone needs a friend like her.
92. If all else fails - chips & salsa usually help.
93. I don't drink much soda, if at all... I prefer lemonade. If I do drink soda, I really like Ginger Ale. I also like Loganberry, but that's not a soda.
94. I'm pretty decent at playing Nintendo... yes, I'm old school & enjoy playing Mario Cart.
95. I grew up playing (board & card) games with my family. My new favorite game is Blokus.
96. I cut my husband's hair - I have ever since we were engaged.
97. The best pizza I ever had was on Marco Island at Joey's Pizzeria & Pasta House. Jeff & I want to go back just to have their pizza.
98. I'm very good with directions/map reading. I successfully got Jeff through Miami (Art Deco District) & down to the Key of Biscayne.
99. My kitchen MUST be clean before I go to bed - dishes done up & everything in its proper place. There is nothing worse than waking up & seeing my kitchen in disarray.
100. I love the Lord and am thankful for being brought up in a Christian home. My parents are the best and will be married 36 years this month!