Friday, October 23, 2009

Kent Farms ~ Pum'kin Pickin', October 22nd

Last night Jeff & I took the kids up to Kent Farms to get our pumpkins. It was a lovely 60 degree night, and Noah first had to play pirate:Norah got on board, but wasn't very fierce.Then to the train!The next tractor ride was ready & it was time to ride up to the pumpkin fields. Noah was thrilled because the tractor was "BIG!"Going up, up, up to the patch."Look, I found's a BIG one!" Noah could hardly contain his excitement. This made it so fun for Jeff & I --Noah & Norah are at such fun ages. Little did Noah realize that there were TONS of pumpkins for him to peruse.Off he goes...Norah was having a great time, too. She certainly didn't have to be told what to do."Hmm, I can have any one of these?!"Hanging out.Norah was so cute, she kept saying "Ball, ball" and thumping the pumpkins; trying ever so hard to pick them up.Then, she found the "belly button" and was quite amused.Noah, holding on tight to his favorite."Do I have to sit here, I want to explore MORE!"Jeff & Noah walking back to the tractor ride.Me & the kiddos.Noah truly loved getting on & off the tractor ride, as well as examining all the "parts!" He's such a farm-kid.Norah liked the ride too - and was watching everything.Back at the barn, Noah was quick to hop on a mini-tractor-bike and ride around.Norah, Noah's shadow, was trying so hard to keep up with her big brother.Fun in the corn-box. What a neat idea --instead of sand, it's filled with lots & lots of corn.I love to look at all the fall things on display.Noah even enjoyed the "Hall of lights" - and liked seeing the pumpkins all carved so uniquely.Outside was an old firetruck --another must see for Mr. Noah. It was getting dark & time to head home. What a fun, fun evening. Can't wait to carve our pumpkins next week.

Monday, October 19, 2009


We had what seemed to be an unusual amount of pinecones this year. The funniest thing though was the the squirrels have been carrying them to EVERY.SINGLE.DIVOT in our backyard & stuffing them in there. We have pinecones everywhere.Jeff & Noah did a great job at cleaning them up the best they could.


Norah loves to climb up on the bottom molding & gaze out the window at the birds or try to find the boys outside, while mommy is finishing up dishes...


Both kids really enjoyed drawing on the driveway with chalk this summer.We'd have to remind Norah not to eat the chalk.Not sure what Noah was doing here, but find it interesting that he's holding his mouth the same way my Grandpa Sherwood does.

Erie County Fair (August 19th)

Jeff & I took the kids to the Erie County Fair this summer. Noah kept talking of the Fair & how excited he was. He enjoyed the train...He didn't want a camel ride (he said it smelled bad)...BUT, his most favorite thing of all - looking at tractors. I think we spent close to an hour & an 1/2 looking at tractors. My enthusiasm diminished after the first 15 minutes, although it was fun watching Noah look at all the different types. Noah was giving High-5's to all the characters walking around.Norah, who is our more outgoing one, was scared to death. Noah also enjoyed the reindeer exhibit.Long, hot day - time to head home & enjoy the lights.