Saturday, October 08, 2011

Sept. 6, 2011: First Day of Kindergarten

Noah was VERY happy to go to Kindergarten - and was more than willing to get his picture taken...with Peter the Penguin, before going...He has Mrs. Decker this year - and we are SO thankful he's in her classroom. She's wonderful. Noah, with his new Nike sneakers for school ( and GYM class, I mean, Physical Education) Norah had to get in on the action, despite still being in her pj's and messy bed-head. Jeff & I both walked Noah down to his classroom. No tears from this boy. I have to say though, Mommy & Daddy BOTH cried a lot the days prior to this. Something about being 5, something about Noah being gone ALL day at school seems so...official. I know/knew he was more than ready, but - I just want to perhaps, keep him all to myself... and now I know I can't. Noah, if anything - know that your mommy & daddy love you a ton and are very, very proud of you. So glad I took my camera to school that first day, because I got to capture this smily face before we walked out & left you there for your first full day:

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