Saturday, October 08, 2011


August 11, 2011
There's something beautiful about where we pick blueberries every year. I love it on top of the hill. Norah had her basket & was ready to pick.Rara would help Noah find just the right berries......and Papa would also help Noah (truth be told, he was often caught with his hand snatchin' berries out of other's buckets... pretty smart, Noah!)This is Norah, popping a berry in her mouth & proclaiming, "Mmmmmm!" I'm thankful they didn't weigh Norah before we went in the patch & when we came out...she ate A.LOT. of berries.I had to chuckle, as I was picking & was watching Noah hang his basket on a branch. Fun memories made with Rara & Papa... they equally enjoy riding in their Jeep out of the patch to the top of the hill!

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