Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Never-Ending Mulch Pile

Back on July 21st... a day before my friends from Maine were coming down (& then heading out on vacation)...and a mere 2 days before we left for vacation, we got a HUGE truck-full of mulch delivered. There it sat on our driveway until we returned from our trip. Jeff, Mr. Ambitious, spread a numerous amount on the gardens & there was still plenty left. SO, he decided to extend one of our flower beds. Here he is, ripping up sod... with Norah's help.He actually has now wrapped the beds all the way around - connecting to the front bed.Both our kids are WONDERFUL helpers - Norah would scoop & deliver mulch & after a few turns, Noah would take his turn.A cheerful helper.She'd even dump it exactly where Jeff told her to!Noah, taking his turn.The kids also played in the mulch...and played.And Norah would try her best to keep it in a nice, neat pile.And when Jeff got tired of mulching...he also tackled scraping & painting the garage. I was a bit... shocked, shall I say, by his scraping "arrangement" - but it worked.Jeff doesn't like heights, but I was so proud of him - he did it!
I guess I need an after-picture. Our garage is scraped AND painted & look fabulous! Thanks, hun!

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